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What is Easy Read?

What is Easy Read?

Illustration of a piece of paper with scribble and a piece of paper with Easy Read format on the fron next to it.
Easy Read is a way of making information easier to understand for disabled people.
Illustration of an Easy Read document and the text is magnified.
Easy Read has:
  • Short sentences with clear and simple words. 
Illustration of an Easy Read document and the pictures are magnified.
  • Pictures to help people understand.
Illustration of a woman in a hijab thinking with a speech bubble that says change inside
The law says that every business and organisation should make changes to help people use their services. 

These changes are called ‘reasonable adjustments’.
image of a sheet of paper with the information icon on it.
Giving information in Easy Read is 1 kind of reasonable adjustment. 
Illustration of a woman on her laptop.
We hope you have fun exploring our website and finding some great ways to take part in our campaign if you would like!
Illustration of a large group of people having a meeting
This campaign was started by Easy Read Online and members of Mencap Liverpool and Sefton. You can find out more about us by clicking here

Why do we need Easy Read?

Illustration of a woman holding an Easy Read document and a large exclaimation mark next to her.
Easy Read is very important to lots of people. 
Illustration of a man with his thumbs up and and information icon next to him.
Easy Read helps people:
  • Understand information that they need to know.  
Illustration of a young man pointing to himsef and a speech bubble that says I would like.
  • Make their own decisions. 
Illustration of an asian family sitting around a table laughing.
  • Take part in life. 
Illustration of 2 men with their thumbs up. One of the men is in a wheelchair.
  • Have the same chances as everyone else. 
Illustration of a clipboard and a survey with a hand and pencil
We made a survey to find out how important Easy Read is to the people who use it. 

A survey is a set of questions that people answer. 
Why do we need Easy Read?
To find out more about what people said click here:
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