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Get involved

Illustration of young black woman shouting into a megaphone.
If you would like to help us spread the word about Easy Read, you can! 
Illustration of young woman on laptop with her thumbs up.
You can download any of our posters and leaflets onto your computer. 
Illustration of a video and picture posted on social media.
You could post them on your social media or you could print them out and put them in public places.
Illustration of 2 people shaking hands and an I need Easy Read poster on the wall behind them.
Make sure you ask any business or service before you put posters or leaflets in their building. 


Image over one of the posters that is included in the zip file.
Our posters use photos of our amazing Mencap Experts by Experience. 

The posters say how they feel about Easy Read.
Image of the I need Easy Read leaflets.

Our leaflet is 2 pages of information. The information explains what Easy Read is and how to ask for it.
Image of someone on laptop with social media icons on the screen.
Images for Social Media

This pack includes a range of images that you can share on your social media pages.

Some have quotes and results from our survey on them.
Image of the I need Easy Read cards.

If you would like to ask a business or service for information in Easy Read, you can give them one of our cards.
Illustration of a young man pointing to himself and a speech bubble saying 'I need Easy Read'.
The card tells the business or service that you need information in Easy Read. 
Image of a young asian woman with her thumbs up.
It is a fast and easy way for you to let businesses and services know what you need. 
Image of a printer.
You could print out a few cards and keep them in your bag or pocket when you go out.

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