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About us

A photo of the Easy Read Online team at Liverpool Central Library
The I Need Easy Read campaign is being led by: 
  • People from Easy Read Online. 
A photo of the Experts bu experience group at Mencap Liverpool checking an Easy Read document.
  • Experts by experience from Mencap Liverpool and Sefton. 
An illustration of a group of people with disabilities with a thumbs up.
Experts by Experience are people with a learning disability, autistic people and the people that support them. 
Illustration of a man with his hand behind his ear listening.
We are working together to make sure our campaign:
  • Includes and listens to people with learning disabilities.
Illustration of a young man with downs syndrome pointing to himself and an orange tick.
  • Meets the needs of people with learning disabilities. 
Illustration of a young black woman in a suit with her hand up and smiling.
So let's meet our campaign leaders!
Who is Easy Read Online?

Who is Easy Read Online?

Illustration of a Calendat with 2009 on the front.
Easy Read Online is an organisation that was set up in 2009. 
Grouped illustrations of a council meeting, healthcare meeting and a person painting on a canvas.
We create Easy Read information for lots of different organisations, like:
  • Government groups. 
  • Councils. 
  • Health and care services.  
  • Charities and support groups. 
  • Housing organisations.
  • Arts and culture organisations.
Illustrated image of a group of people with disabilities looking unhappy.
We understand that disabled people often do not have the same fair chances in life as non-disabled people. 
Illustration of a young indian woman with her thumbs up and someone handing her a piece of paper with the information symbol on it.
Part of fixing this is making sure disabled people can get the information they need in a way they can understand. 
Illustration of a young man pointing to himself and a speech bubble that says I want..
This means disabled people can have more control of their own lives.
Who is Mencap Liverpool and Sefton?

Who is Mencap Liverpool and Sefton?

Illustration of a woman in a wheelchair and her carer pushing her.
Mencap Liverpool is an independent local charity that supports people with learning disabilities. 
Illustration of a young black woman pointing to herself and a tick.
We work to: 
  • Make sure that people with learning disabilities have the same chances as non-disabled people.  
Illustration of a 2 women reading from a sheet of paper.
  • Help people with learning disabilities find new opportunities.  
Illustration of 2 people with learning disabilities, they are friends.
  • Support people with learning disabilities to make new friends. 
Illustration of a man with his thumbs up in front of a housing estate.
  • Make sure people with learning disabilities feel respected and safe in their local community.
Illustration of a young woman with downs syndrome flexing her muscles, she is strong.
We are proud to be the local voice of learning disabilities in Liverpool and Sefton. 

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